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    SR&ED is a federal program to fund scientific research and experimental development. Eligible businesses get a refund of up to 64% of eligible expenses. Every year, over $3B are disbursed.

    EBC Tax Incentive Program

    The EBC program is a provincial funding program to incentivize investment in BC’s economy. Individuals and corporations that invest up to $10M into an Eligible Business Corporation can qualify for a tax credit equivalent to 30% of the eligible investment.

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    Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits

    Incentive for developing interactive digital content and applications. Get up to 50% of eligible expenses refunded, depending on which province your business is based in.

    Launch Online

    British Columbia grant program that disburses over $42M to assist business in taking their operations online. Provides funding for creating online stores and online booking systems.

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    Other Provincial Grants

    Requiti Capital can help with most federal and provincial grants in Canada. If you are unsure you qualify or need support applying, Requiti Capital is able to help in a professional manner.

    Grant Consulting Process

    Requiti Capital takes a full-service approach to Grant Consulting. From choosing the right grants and preparing the right documents, to claim submission and support with potential audits.


    Qualification Assessment

    One of our advisors will meet with you to understand your situation and requirements. We will propose a Funding Plan that outlines the scope and which options are available to you and your company.


    Prepare Documents

    We will collect and review all documents, invoices and supporting materials, as well as connect with your corporate accounting team for details. Once we have everything, we prepare technical work reports and any other remaining documentation.


    Claim Submission

    Your advisor will meet with you to go over the technical report and supporting documents. If everything is in order, the reports will be submitted for review.


    Review Support

    Once the Government Agency has received your claim, they will review and schedule a call to discuss. Requiti Capital stands with you and takes care of communicating with the Government until the claim is approved.

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