How the CRA is supporting innovation through SR&ED during COVID-19

In 2019, I wrote an article on how the CRA had become tougher on SR&ED claims despite the declining number of reviews. However, the latest data (obtained via an Access to Information and Privacy request) shows that the CRA has been working hard to support the tech community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was brutal […]

SR&ED payments beginning to flow to Canadian tech following delay caused by COVID-19

Funds from the federal government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program that have not been released due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now starting to flow. “It might just buy them enough time for the federal government to get the 75 percent wage subsidy right.” The COVID-19 crisis reportedly delayed nearly $200 […]

SR&ED claims reduced due to federal COVID-19 assistance

A week ago, CEO of Venbridge Garron Helman wrote an article on how the recent government incentive programs could affect SR&ED claims. For weeks now we have both listened to many companies that were concerned all these emergency subsidies may be eating up their future claims. Companies cannot ‘double-dip.’ Assistance received under either subsidy program […]

Spurring growth in Canada’s life sciences sector

Event summary produced by The Globe and Mail Events team. The Globe’s editorial department was not involved. Jason Field, president and CEO of Life Sciences Ontario speaks to the global potential for Canadian biomedical companies, at The Globe and Mail’s Biomedical Innovation Summit on November 14. Glenn Lowson/The Globe and Mail Close to 300 people […]

How Canadian startups can prepare for SR&ED

[ad_1] This article was originally posted on PwC Canada. Let me ask you a question: is the federal government doing enough to support the development and growth of the Canadian high tech industry? It’s an important question, with wide-ranging implications for the future of our tech industry and national economy as a whole. But it’s […]

Government grants to small business – a.k.a. free money – go unused

[ad_1] When Erin Bury wants to hire an intern or offer extra employee training at her Toronto-based communications firm, one of the first checks she does is to see whether there’s a grant for it. Ms. Bury’s company has tapped into about $100,000 in government grants over the past five years. She has used the […]

How to help clients avoid grant penalties in SR&ED claims

[ad_1] Richard Hoy is president of specialist R&D tax relief consultancy Catax Canada. Vancouver – Claims for research and development tax relief in the form of SR&ED tax credits inevitably focus on what has been spent. However, if you’re a Canadian accountant supporting your client with an SR&ED claim, remember this: It can also be […]

Canada Offers R&D-Focused Companies a Range of Opportunities

[ad_1] As companies of all kinds look to expand internationally and better leverage the burgeoning global economy, Canada stands as a destination rife with opportunity. The country offers a range of valuable advantages and attributes, such as economic stability, geographic proximity to both U.S. and European markets, and strong support for innovation on multiple levels. […]