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Grant Consulting


In general, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are the processes by which two or more companies combine into one to expand a company’s reach or gain market share to maximize the business potential. 

Mergers occur when two or more entities join together to create a new organization to have a larger market share and leverage both advantages for further development. In contrast, an acquisition occurs when one company takes over another business and brings it into its operations. And it usually happens between small businesses and medium/large businesses. The objective of the acquisition is also to find a better way for further development. 

The M&A process varies from case to case. In other words, time can vary substantially according to the type/status of the business, the location of the company, and the objective/complexity of the deal. An estimation could be provided after consultation. 

As a financial consulting company with solid technical backgrounds, Requiti Capital put clients’ confidentiality first. Therefore, we will start from our service with the non-disclosure agreements and will keep all the materials and documents in a secure data room to ensure safety and confidentiality. 

As a full-stack financial consulting company, Requiti Capital’s professionals have solid experience and proven success in M&A. Apart from our standard M&A service, we also provide grant consulting, investment service, and other related services to maximize values for our clients. 

Tech Consulting

Companies are always searching for new technologies to support and improve their businesses. And you may need professional suggestions for choosing a new platform, switching some traditional businesses to online businesses, or exploring new technical solutions. That’s tech consulting focusing on. 

Requiti Capital can help pivot to new technologies while minimizing the negative impact on your business. We guide you through the journey of change and work out a roadmap covering your workforce and processes. 

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